Over the past few years, I’ve been on a journey of discovery regarding the character of God.  The things that I’ve come to believe of God’s character have had very large implications on how I interpret scripture and what I believe God will accomplish at the end of the ages.

I’ve always believed we should pursue the hard questions as the answers we find to them will be the most rewarding ones.  Sometime in 2007, God placed a significant question in my heart.

The question was:

“What is the purpose or goal of God’s wrath?  What is He intending to accomplish with His wrath?”

This question drove me for two years.  I studied the greek and hebrew in all the passages regarding wrath, judgment, “hell”…  I read books regarding the “history of hell” in secular and “sacred” texts.  I thought and pondered many things and did a lot of scripture word studies.

Through all of this study, I have come to a fuller understanding of our sovereign, good, and personal God; our perfect heavenly Father.

It is my intention, through this blog, to share parts of this journey with you, the reader, as well as express the ideas that I’m currently pondering.

God bless, I’m absolutely sure he will!


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